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May 18, 2023
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10:00 am


1637 North Lowell Avenue, Chicago, IL, USA
1637 North Lowell Avenue, Chicago, IL, USA

Pickup / Removal

Friday, May 19 – Thursday, May 25, 8 AM – 3 PM, No Weekends or Holidays
Please note that pallet racking, tables & shelving may not be immediately available. We will notify when ready for pickup in those situations.


May 17, 2023
8:00am – 3:00pm



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White Eagle Spring & Wire Forms Mfg.

Featured Assets
Multi-Axis CNC Wire Coilers, Multi-Axis CNC Spring Formers, Spring Grinder, Spring Makers, Heat Treat, Toolroom

CNC Spring Makers

Simco 5/8” Model 4160 Multi-Axis CNC Wire Coiler, with Custom Pallet Uncoiler

Herdon Multi-Axis CNC Spring Former, S/N CSM-70T-101 (New 1998), with (8) Forming Slides, Herdon Control, Schaff Custom Built Pallet Uncoiler

Minyu Multi-Axis Model SF940A CNC Spring Former, S/N 003 (New 1998), with (8) Forming Slides, Pallet Uncoiler

Simco Multi-Axis Model CNC-620ER CNC Versatile Spring Former, S/N 661051 (New 1999), with (8) Forming Slides, Looping Attachment, Model PH500B Pallet Uncoiler, S/N 882593

Spring Grinder

Simco Model SEG-915-2S Microprocessor Controlled Double End Opposed Vertical Spring Grinder, S/N 2000-03 (New 2000), with Drum and Bag Dust Collector

Torin/Torrington Spring Makers

Torrington Model W13A Torsion Spring Maker, S/N 104599-WL, with Change Gears, Motorized Coil Starter

Torin Model W12A Spring Maker, S/N 149727-WS, with Multiple Feed

Torin Model W11A Spring Maker, S/N 165613-WS, with Torsion Attachment

Spring & Wire Machines

Bennett Model MC2 Spring Coiler, S/N 78033, with Counter, Carriage, 84” Bed

Sleeper & Hartley No. 3 Spring Looper, S/N N/A

Simplex-Rapid Torsion Spring Coiler, S/N N/A (Not in Service)

Custom Hydraulic Rack Type Spring Maker

Custom Hydraulic Table Wire Bender

Carlson No. SC-1 Bench Spring Coiler, S/N 398

Penn Table Pneumatic Wire Benders 

Lubow Model ML200 Pneumatic Table Wire Bender, S/N 269

(2) Sleeper & Hartley No. 2 & No. 3 Spring Loopers

Custom Spring Winder

Custom Hydraulic Spring Setter

Custom Spring Coiler

Custom Hydraulic Spring Coiler

Larson 750 lb. Model DHT Plus Spring Tester

Heat Treat & Bake Oven

JN Machinery 15” Model JN-400 Pass-Thru Heat Treat Tunnel, S/N 372

Grieve 750°F Model B2-750-G 2-Door Bake Oven, S/N 13978


Clausing Colchester 15” x 48” Toolroom Lathe, S/N F-4750352, 1500 RPM Spindle, 3-Jaw & 4-Jaw Chucks, Taper Attachment, Inch Threading

Uni-Hydro 42 Ton Model 42-14 Hydraulic Ironworker, S/N 3P2957X

Bridgeport 1 HP J-Head Ram Type Vertical Mill, S/N BR66000, 42” Table

Harig 6” x 12” Model Super 612 Surface Grinder, S/N 5171, with Permanent Magnetic Chuck

Toolshop 13” Drill, S/N GLT100900788

Gardner 53” No. 124 Tub Grinder with Extra New Grinding Wheel

Miller 250 Amp Model Millermatic 250 Welder, S/N KG238266

Lincoln 225 Amp Model AC-225 Arc Welder

Welding Cart with Torch Set-up

Presses & Kick Presses

Hannifin 12 Ton Model OGF-12D Dyna-Quip Hydraulic C-Frame Straightening Press, 

S/N 50153-C

Federal No. 6 OBI Press, S/N N/A, with Air Actuated Mechanical Clutch

Bliss No. 41A Converted Horn Press, S/N N/A, with Air Actuated Mechanical Clutch

Hannifin C-Frame Hydraulic Straightening Press, S/N N/A

Walsh No. 5 OBI Press, S/N 2525

Bliss No. 4 OBI Press, S/N N/A

Denison 6 Ton C-Frame Hydraulic Press, S/N 18386

Bliss No. 18 OBI Press, S/N N/A

Diamond No. 14 OBI Press, S/N N/A

Walsh No. 2 OBI Press, S/N 1937

Diamond OBI Press

Press-Rite No. 2 OBI Press, S/N 3767

Press-Rite No. 2 OBI Press, S/N 2681

Bliss No. 3 OBI Press, S/N H5797

Bliss No. 3 OBI Press, S/N H441_

Walsh No. 3 OBI Press, S/N 3819

Bliss No. 3 OBI Press, S/N H2744

S&S OBI Press, S/N 12415

S&S OBI Press, S/N N/A

18 – Famco & Excelsior No. 10 & No. 12 Kick Presses

Plant Equipment

Nissan 4,300 lb. LP Model Optium Forklift Truck, S/N N/A, 187” Max. Lift, 4,605 Hours on Meter

Paint Area including: Barrel Tumbler, Chain Conveyor throughout System, Burdett Pass-Thru Gas Dryer

Eaton 30 HP Model EC-SRW3-30-220 Screw Type Air Compressor, S/N EC-SRW-060915R, with Sound enclosure

Misc. Plant Equipment including: 5000 lb. Digital Floor Scale, Double Torsion Coiler (in storage), Assorted Wire Bending Equipment, High Hat Wire Carriers, Assorted Dies, Arbor

Press, Horizontal Band Saw, Machines in Storage, Carts, Double End Grinders, Assorted Wire Uncoilers, Offices, etc.

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