Valuation & Appraisal Services


Valuation Services

Heath Industrial Appraisal Services, a division of Heath, specializes in appraising machinery and equipment within the metalworking, construction, transportation, woodworking, plastics, chemical, pharmaceutical, printing industries, and their related industries.

Our USPAP certified appraisers, utilizing decades of experience, give financial institutions the certainty to lend based on their clients assets, along with the safety of having a backup plan should the need to liquidate arises.

We bring our expertise in the buying and selling used machinery into every appraisal we perform.

By basing appraisal values on actual past results, we deliver factual based valuations, not ones based on guesswork.

Valuation Purposes

  • Lending
  • Business Planning
  • Portfolio Valuation
  • Insurance/Risk Management
  • Financial Reporting

Valuation Types

  • Fair Market In-Place
  • Fair Market (FMV)
  • Orderly Liquidation (OLV)
  • Forced Liquidation (FLV)
  • Net Forced Liquidation (NFLV)

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