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June 15, 2021
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10:00 am


185 E 12th St, Chicago Heights, IL, USA
185 E 12th St, Chicago Heights, IL, USA

Pickup / Removal

Thursday, June 17 – Friday, June 25
8 AM – 3 PM
No Weekends


June 14, 2021
8:00am – 3:00pm



Buyers Premium: 18% Online
Sales Tax: 10% Without Proper Exemption

Auction Contact

For questions about the assets or other auction questions, please contact David Heath, Phone: 847-380-1755, Email: dheath@heathindustrial.com

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Featured Assets

Minster, USI & Federal Presses, Hannifin & Denison Multipresses, Landis Threaders, Toolroom & Fabricating Equipment, Material Handling & Much More!

OBI Presses
Verson 110 Ton Model 110 0BG Back Geared Gap Frame Press, s/n 20004, 8” Stroke, 20” Shut Height, 27”x42” Bed, 40 SPM, Air Clutch
U.S. Industries 90 Ton OBI Press, s/n 54-9000, 6” Stroke, 18” Shut Height, 27”x38” Bed, 90 SPM, Air Clutch, Air Cushion
Minster 75 Ton No. 75 Back Geared OBI Press, s/n 75-12540, 6” Stroke, 17” Shut Height, 40 SPM, 24”X36” Bed, Air Clutch, Air Cushion
Minster 71 Ton No. 7 OBI Press, s/n 7-3272
Minister 70 Ton No. 101-70 OBI Press, s/n 101-7-22904, 4” Stroke, 14.5” Shut Height, 24”x36” Bed, 90 SPM, Air Clutch, Air Cushion
Minster 60 Ton No. 6 OBI Press, s/n 6F-17939, 4” Stroke, 15.5” Shut Height, 21”x32” Bed, 90 SPM, Air Clutch
Minster 60 Ton No. 6 OBI Press, s/n 6-16603, 4” Stroke, 16” Shut Height, 100 SPM, Air Clutch
L&J 60 Ton No. 60 Back Geared OBI Press, s/n 56598A, 4” Stroke, 12.25” Shut Height, 18”x32” Bed, Air Clutch
Federal 45 Ton No. 45 OBI Press, s/n 45-449, 6” Stroke, 13” Shut Height, 18”x28” Bed, 35-70 SPM, Air Clutch
3 – L&J 45 Ton No. 45 OBI Presses, s/n 45815A, 45816A, &45817A, 3” Stroke, 15” Shut Height, 18”x28” Bed, Air Clutch
L&J 45 Ton No. 45 OBI Press, s/n 45841A, 20”X29” Bed, Air Clutch
Minster No. 3 OBI Press, s/n 3-10842, 18”x30” Bed, Air Clutch
Summit Back Geared OBI Press, s/n 12-1968-6, Air Clutch
Summit OBI Press
Hydraulic Presses
Hannifin Dyna-Quip 100 Ton Model OGP C-Frame Hydraulic Press, s/n 50726, 34”x40” Bed
Hannifin 100 Ton C-Frame Hydraulic Press, s/n T-6307, 34”X60” Bed
Abex Denison 20 Ton Model FH20 C-Frame Hydraulic Press, s/n 26614
Hannifin 10 Ton C-Frame Hydraulic Press, s/n F-107-L5-79
Hannifin 8 Ton Model OG-B8B C-Frame Hydraulic Press, s/n A-45007
2 – Multipress 8 Ton Model WR87M C-Frame Hydraulic Presses, s/n 30401& 31865
Denison Multipress 8 Ton C-Frame Hydraulic Press, s/n 8133
3 – Abex Denison 6 Ton Model WR87M C-Frame Hydraulic Presses, s/n 28197, 28181, & 32115
Abex Denison Model WR65L C-Frame Hydraulic Press, s/n 27070
Denison Multipress 6 Ton C-Frame Hydraulic Press, s/n 18946, 12” Stroke, 18” Daylight
Denison Multipress 6 Ton C-Frame Hydraulic Press, s/n 18946, 10” Stroke, 16” Daylight
3 – Denison 6 Ton C-Frame Hydraulic Presses, s/n 19231, 19325, & s/n 19326, 10” Stroke
Hannifin 5 Ton Model F51-21-PB3 C-Frame Hydraulic Press, s/n F-23700
Hannifin 2 Ton Model F-20-2 Hydraulic Press, s/n D-26786
Neff 2500 PSI 4 Post Hydraulic Press, s/n 8183, 9”x15” Between Posts
Press Accessories
Littell 2,000 LB. Model 20-12 Coil Reel, s/n S-4943-69
American 2,500 LB. Model 60 Coil Reel, s/n 2329
Perfecto Model 18-M-SB Coil Reel, s/n PR-3945
Perfecto 2,500 LB. Model 12-M-SM Stock Coil Reel, s/n PR-4047
Rowe Model A10-C2000J Coil Cradle and Straightener, s/n 12970, .020-.105 Capacity
Rowe Model A-10/3J Coil Cradle & Straightener, s/n 25022, .020-.105 Capacity
Egan/Presspartner Model 201-10 Stock Uncoiler, s/n 2419
2 – Air Feeds 12”x12” Model AF2 Press Feeds, s/n 7026 & s/n 770418
Press Room 12”x24” Press Feed, s/n 019A-01A
Jaybird Model J6-612 Press Feed, s/n 3191
Threading Machines
Landis 2 Head Model 12CL2B Leadscrew Threader, s/n 12CL2B-93AX, with Threading Die Heads, Pneumatic Vises
Landis 2 Head Model 6C12A Lead Screw Threader, s/n 6C12A-24, with Threading Die Heads, Pneumatic Vises
Landis Model 6CL2A Threader, s/n 6CL2A-19AX Threader Parts Machine – No Threading Die Heads
Ridgid Model 1224 Pipe Threader, s/n 101539 with Dies
Double End Tube Chamfering Machines & Cut-Offs
2 – Soco 78” Model DEF-FA/52+ BTM Double End Tube Chamfering Machines, s/n 1099 & 0800 (New 1999) with Sliding Magazine, Auto and Manual Control Settings
Cardinal Model 25-22009 Pipe & Tube Cut-Off with Model 425 Feed Stand
Continental Model 2-B Cut-Off, s/n 20-21613, with Stand
Tube Benders
Teledyne Pines Model 5T Vertical Hydraulic Tube Bender, s/n 44362-86178, with Control
Teledyne Pines Model 5T Vertical Hydraulic Tube Bender, s/n 44355-62039
Tool Room Equipment & Miscellaneous Machinery
Edwards 10 Gauge x 79.5” Model 3.25/2000DD Shear, s/n 75C/42739, WITH Front Arm Support
Teledyne Peer 100 KVA Model P-50 Spot Welder, s/n 860033, 18” Throat, Entron Control
Hitachi Model 830048K Assembly Robot
Dreis & Krump 18 Gauge x 48” Press Brake, s/n 131/G/58
Lincoln 300 Amp Model TIG300/300 Welder, s/n AC-606130
Abrasive 12”x18” Model 1218 Hydraulic Surface Grinder, s/n 1218-139
Boyar Schultz 6”x12” Model H612 Surface Grinder, s/n 25952, with Electro Magnetic Chuck
Boyar Schultz 6”x18” Model Deluxe Surface Grinder, s/n C-1640, with Permanent Magnetic Chuck
Gorton Model Mastermil 1-22 Vertical Mill, s/n 45358, with 48” Table, Power Spindle Down Feed, Table Power Feeds
Takisawa 15”x32” Tool Room Lathe, 1800 RPM Spindle, 3-Jaw Chuck, Inch/MM Threading
Enco Carbide Tool Grinder
Clausing 20” Model 2276 Drill, s/n 516519
Clausing 15” Series 16SC Bench Drill, s/n 110140
Grob 24” Model 4V-24 Vertical Band Saw, s/n 763, with Blade Welder
Wells 2-Post Horizontal Band Saw
Soco Model SG-14 Saw Blade Grinder
Blast Cabinet with Collector
Pexto Sheet Metal Roller
Danly Model 12-T Bench Press
11 – Table Mounted Air Tools
Packaging Equipment
Innovative Model 1000 Plastic Shrink Wrap Machine, s/n D44301074
Innovative Model 3500R Die Cutting Machine, s/n K4629R018
American Model 90 Riveter, s/n 767
Chicago Model 912-SS Riveter, s/n 9053
Textron Model R125HVY Riveter, s/n 933
Inspection Equipment
Micro-Vu Measuring System with Model 9010 Computerized Video Reticle, Video Edge Detector, Q16 Computer
Wilson Model 3JR Rockwell Hardness Tester, s/n 9981
Misc. Equipment
400+ Corrugated Steel 32”x24”x16” Deep Open Front Stacking Tubs
Large Quantity Dies and Die Sets
Large Assortment of Exact Replacement Mirrors for Ford
Hydraulic Power Units*Pallet Racks*Carts*Cardboard*Safety Ladders*Arbor*Presses*Inspection*Fans*Tables*Etc.
Air Compressor & Accessories
Kaeser 40 HP Model BS51 Screw Type Air Compressor with Kaeser Control, Sound Enclosure
Worthington 30 HP Model 30RS110 Monorotor Air Compressor
Kaeser Model KRD200 Air Dryer, s/n 0360-26-9606-74K
2 – Kaeser Vertical Air Receiving Tanks
Plant Equipment
Skyjack 20” Model SJII Electric Elevating Scissor Lift, s/n 605753, Joystick Control, 231 Hours on Meter
Highlight Model 818B Synergy 3 Plastic Skid Wrapper, s/n 5C972, 60” Vertical
American Model 14121 Horizontal Hydraulic Baler, s/n 27214-12164-63
Winslow 5,000 LB. Electronic Platform Scale, 48”x60” with 50 LB. Bench Scale & Readout
Forklift Trucks & Order Picker
Mitsubishi 5,000 LB. Model FGC25 LP Gas Forklift Truck, s/n F82-54003, 189” Max. Lift, Side Shift, 2498 Hours on Meter
Hyster 3,950 LB. Model S50XM LP Gas Forklift Truck, s/n D187V09407V, 189” Max. Lift, Side Shift
Mitsubishi 3,000 LB. Model FGC15 LP Gas Forklift Truck, s/n AF81A50693, 171” Max. Lift, Side Shift, 1390 Hours on Meter
Crown 3,000 LB. Model 30SP36TL Electric Order Picker, s/n W-67920, 150” Max. Lift
1999 Freightliner Model FL60 Box Body Truck, VIN: 1FV3G6AC7HG06730, 5 Speed Manual Transmission, 25,500 GVWR, 22’ Box Body, 4 Tire Rear Axle, 170,000 Miles on Odometer
1999 Freightliner Model FL60 Flat Bed Truck, VIN: 1FV3G6ACY9HG06731, 5 Speed Manual Transmission, 14’ Wood Deck with Rails, 48,200 Miles on Odometer
1989 Lincoln Town Car Stretch Limo, VIN: 1CNBM81FXKY722154, Automatic Transmission, 31,000 Miles on Odometer
1996 Ford Model Econoline 250 Cargo Van, VIN: 1FTHE24Y6THB30306, Automatic Transmission, 174,000 Miles on Odometer


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