About Us

Heath Industrial was founded in late 2008, and we conducted our first auction in January of 2009. The core of our business is industrial auctions and appraisals throughout the United States.

We have an impressive array of talent, all with decades of experience, which allows us to conduct 50-70 events a year. Click here to meet our senior staff.

We are not used equipment dealers who occasionally have an auction. We are not a firm who will employ “who ever is around” to setup and manage your auction. And we are not so large that we can afford to take your business for granted. From the day we have a signed contract, until the last piece has left the building; we take a hands-on and personal approach to your auction.

Our appraisals are performed by our USPAP certified staff, who have decades of experience in valuating industrial machinery & equipment.

There are many ways to handle asset disposition. We specialize in the following methods:

  • Live Webcast Auctions
  • Online Auction Sales
  • Structured Liquidations

We offer a variety of plans when it comes to the financial nature of auctions:

  • Auction Services: We provide a fee based custom sales strategy, which provides the maximum potential returns to our clients.
  • Guarantee: We offer a minimum guaranteed amount, with a shared distribution on proceeds in excess of that amount. This provides security and upside to our clients.
  • Purchase: We offer an outright purchase amount, assuring a fixed return for maximum security.