heath gives back


Our Founders, David Heath and Thomas Mowery, feel strongly about corporate philanthropy, and our firm strives to help local community non-for profit organizations. They, as well as other members of our firm have assisted in coordinating and managing fundraising activities, conducting live auctions, helping raise donations and contributing in any way we can.  For more information on Heath Gives Back, you can fill out the form on the right or contact Cynthia Mowery or Debra Heath at giving@heathindustrial.com. We live in a great country, and sharing our skills give more meaning to life. Not everyone is as fortunate as we are. There are many among us who struggle on a daily basis. We support and encourage you to consider supporting the organizations listed on this page. 

Heath at work…..

Jake Josko, guest auctioneer at CKMC annual fundraising event.

Some of the organizations we have supported in the past, and those that we continue to help include: